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New Apps launch on NOW TV Box

NOW TV, the internet streaming service from Sky, has announced the addition of five new apps to its Roku-based NOW TV Box. 

New services available for free to box owners include action and live events from Red Bull TV and a new food and travel channel app.

The full list of new services on the NOW TV Box are:
  • AwesomenessTV: Some of your favourite YouTube stars come together in daily shows featuring beauty tips, celeb gossip, hilarious pranks and more.
  • Gemporia: Get unique, limited edition jewellery at the touch of a button. Use your NOW TV Box remote to bid on live actions by pairing your box with your Gemporia account.
  • GoPro: Those lucky enough to have one of our new NOW TV Boxes can step into the amazing world of GoPro – where global expeditions and adrenaline-pumping stunts are captured in mind-blowing POV angles. 
  • Red Bull TV: Exclusive access to live sports, music events and popular shows and movies from around the globe. What’s not to love?
  • Tastemade: Food, glorious food. A food and travel channel where “Tastemakers” join forces to share their love of fine grub. Expect Instagram-worthy dishes aplenty.

The NOW TV Box also contains catch-up and on-demand services from all major UK free-to-air broadcasters, plus access to the core NOW TV Sports, Entertainment and Movie services. While most apps are free, NOW TV is subject to a subscription fee, paid on a rolling month basis.

NOW TV is also available via other devices, such as Apple TV and gaming consoles, but won't include the additional NOW TV Box apps, unless they are offered by the provider of your chosen device. Although the NOW TV Box is made by Roku, the apps available on Roku will vary.


  1. Urm, yes like they're gonna a make a world of difference. Get a Roku if you're serious about apps.

    When will the NowTV service run in HD 1080p ?


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