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Freeview Channel Updates: October 2015

YourTV, the UK version of Fox Life, launched on Freeview on the 1st October. It is the first UK free-to-air service from Fox International Channels, and its Freeview signal will reach just over 90% of UK households.

Here are the latest channel updates:

This section will be updated through the course of the month with the latest updates, usually added within 24 hours.
  • Any updates highlighted in yellow are for viewers with Freeview HD/YouView devices only.
  • The data in brackets, e.g. (ArqB/COM6) refers to the multiplex or 'group of channels' that the service belongs to. For more information about multiplexes, please click here
  • "Streamed channel" refers to services that are broadcast to compatible connected Freeview devices over the internet.

29th October 2015:
1 removal:

  • Channel 793 - Community (ArqA/COM5) redirection slate removed

26th October 2015:
1 addition, 1 change

  • Channel 72 - ITVBe+1 (SDN/COM4). Moved to channel 58
  • Channel 82 NEW. True Christmas (Local).  Local TV coverage areas only.

22nd October 2015:
3 changes
  • Channel 58 - VIVA (COM7) Moved to channel 57
  • Channel 67 - Chart Show TV (G_MAN) Moved to channel 60 (Manchester only)
  • Channel 238 - VuTV (SDN) End of service.

6th October 2015:
1 removal, 1 change

  • Channel 243 - Dating (SDN/COM4) Removed. Was a streamed channel service.
  • Channel 721 (London): Service relabelled BBCRadioLondon (BBC-A/PSB1)

1st October 2015:
1 launch, 1 change, 2 removals
  • Channel 63 - Community Channel  has moved from ArqA/COM5 to COM7, meaning only viewers with a DVB-T2/Freeview HD/Freeview Play compatible device who can also receive BBC Four HD will be able to continue watching the channel via Freeview. A retune may be necessary. A retune message appears via the old Community Channel slot, which will move to channel 793 on retuning.
  • Channel 73 - YourTV (ArqA/COM5) launched at 1:00pm
  • Channel 790 - Daystar (COM7). The information slate redirecting viewers to Sky and Freesat, where the channel continues to broadcast, was removed.
  • Channel 792, ITV4 (ArqB/COM6), has been removed. ITV4 is now broadcast via a new frequency, in a move that took place back in August 2015.

29th September 2015:
2 changes, 1 removal
  • Channel 78 moved to channel 73 - YourTV (ArqA/COM5) has changed channel numbers ahead of its launch on 1st October.
  • Channel 79 moved to channel 78 - YourTV+1 (ArqB/COM6) has changed channel numbers.
  • Channel 136 - Arise News (COM7) has been removed from the platform.

Please see the September 2015 page for earlier updates

Dates may be provisional and subject to change.
  • 2016: BBC Three and BBC Three HD to be removed from Freeview channel 7 and 105.
  • 2016: CBBC to be extended by 2 hours a night, to broadcast until 9pm.
  • 2017-2019: roll-out of BBC One English regions and BBC Two Nations in HD.
  • 2018-2022: 700MHz clearance - Major changes to the Freeview service expected.

Other updates:
  • Synapse 2 and 3 (channels 250 and 251) are placeholders for forthcoming new streamed channel services. 

The following channels have recently obtained Ofcom licences allowing them to broadcast on Freeview, but further information is currently not available:
Receipt of an Ofcom licence is no guarantee that a station will launch.
  • Boxnation (internet streamed channel). 
  • Property TV (internet streamed channel).
  • True Entertainment + 1 

You can check which Freeview channels should be available in your area on the official Digital UK postcode checker. The channels that you will be able to receive is also dependent on the state of your aerial, cabling and the type of receiver you use. 

The Community Channel is from 1st October 2015 only available to viewers with a Freeview HD compatible device. You need to already be able to see BBC Four HD on channel 106 to get the Community Channel.

  • Local TV services for Aberdeen, Ayr, Basingstoke, Carlisle, Dundee, Guildford, Maidstone, Mold (NE Wales), Reading, Salisbury, Scarborough, Swansea, York are licensed by Ofcom and due to launch within the next two years.

    Two years ago, terrestrial pay TV service Top Up TV closed down. The service, which in recent years had provided viewers with standalone access to premium sports channels, had lost access to these sports channels following BT's move to launch its own sports channels using the terrestrial TV capacity it had secured back in 2010.

    Starting next year, large TVs will have to be compatible with Freeview HD if they want to display the Freeview logo. By 2017, all new devices designed to work with Freeview will have to support Freeview HD if manufacturers want the Freeview logo appearing on packaging and in marketing for their devices, and indeed if they want a Freeview branded EPG.

    September 2015
    CBS Drama joins Freeview; Arise News is dropped

    August 2015
    ITV4 frequency change; Rishtey launches on Freeview

    July 2015
    VIVA moves to COM7, Jewellery Maker returns

    June 2015
    BBC launches extra Red Button streams for Glastonbury and Wimbledon, Travel Channel goes 24/7

    May 2015
    Multiplex COM8 rolls out to more areas; That's Manchester launches 

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    This page will be updated throughout October 2015 with the latest developments. If there's a major update it will be re-posted near the top of the homepage.

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