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Confirmed: Juice FM to become Capital in early 2016

Liverpool's Juice FM will be turned into Capital FM early next year following regulatory clearance of the sale of the station from UTV to Global Radio.

Juice FM will add another 250,000 listeners to the Capital FM network, which reaches over 7.1m people in the UK every week.

Alongside its national DAB sister station Capital Xtra, Capital stations reach nearly 8m listeners per week.

Global Radio is now the largest radio company in the North West, with the Heart and Smooth brands already covering the entire region on FM and DAB digital radio, and Capital on FM and DAB in Manchester, the Wirral, Wrexham and Chester and Liverpool.

Ashley Tabor, founder & executive president here at Global, said:
“I’m extremely happy that we can now bring Capital, the UK’s number one hit music station, to the city of Liverpool, something we’ve wanted to do for some time. The Capital network has grown and grown over the years by continuing to deliver what our listeners love, playing the world’s biggest hits from the world’s hottest stars, putting on the biggest and best events and delivering world class content to every corner of the UK. We will continue to take the Capital network from strength-to-strength in 2016 and we’re looking forward to continuing this journey and bringing Capital to Liverpool early next year.”

Juice FM is carried on the NE Wales DAB multiplex (also known as Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool multiplex), a version of Capital is already carried on the Liverpool multiplex.

There is already a version of Capital close to Liverpool, broadcasting across North Wales, Wrexham and Chester and the Wirral with Greame and Sarah at breakfast. How the takeover of Juice by Capital will affect DAB availability remains to be seen, but it's possible the version of Capital on the Liverpool multiplex (a simulcast of the Wirral FM frequency) will switch to the new Capital Liverpool service, with scope for the NE Wales multiplex to carry the North Wales, Wrexham and Chester version in place of Juice FM.

Whilst this level of information hasn't yet been made public, more information will be released (along with an exact switchover date from Juice to Capital) in due course. 

Ahead of the changes, listeners will be introduced to the Capital playlist ahead of the full Capital schedule taking over the station. Local programmes will be retained on Capital at breakfast and drivetime, with shows from the main Capital FM network taking over during the remaining hours.

Completion of the sale of Juice FM from UTV to Global is expected to take place on 8th October 2015.


  1. Another station ruined by Global. Doesn't make sense they're allowed two or three stations in the same market anyway, and they certainly shouldn't be allowed to dump a Wrexham station for a Liverpool one here.


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