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Champions League attracts customers to BT TV

Football fans desperate to watch Champions and Europa League games have helped BT to add new subscribers in the past three months.

With coverage of the main European leagues now largely behind a paywall in the UK, the number of customers taking up BT's YouView based TV service has increased by 106,000 in the last three months, it's biggest surge to date.

Speaking at the release of BT's latest results, Gavin Patterson, BT's Chief Executive, said:
"We’ve seen good demand for BT Sport Europe and this has helped us add a record number of BT TV customers in the quarter. Its contribution has been better than we expected, helping drive a 7% increase in BT Consumer revenue."

BT Sport in standard definition is offered for "free" to BT TV customers, but they are required to take a BT phone line and broadband service as part of the deal. In addition, the company offers those customers with its fastest broadband connections the option to take an Ultra HD service containing a selection of live sports from BT's Sports portfolio. However, the BT TV service doesn't contain the full selection of Sky Sports channels. Earlier in the month, BT added Sky Sports 1 and 2 in HD to its TV service, coinciding with the arrival of AMC from BT in HD on Sky.

BT TV combines Freeview channels delivered via a normal TV aerial, with additional pay TV channels between channels 300-599 on BT's TV guide, delivered via the internet.


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