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Arise News put on notice by Ofcom

Troubled news channel Arise News has been put on notice by Ofcom for failing to pay its annual licence fee to the regulator.

The channel, which crashed off Freeview in September, has been told that if it doesn't pay up, it will face a statutory sanction which would affect its ability to transmit a TV service in the UK. Every broadcaster licenced by Ofcom is required to pay an annual fee, which is used to fund Ofcom's activities.

Arise News has established a reputation for non-payment: freelance journalists have even been advised to seek advice from the NUJ before taking up work with the channel because of non-payment of salaries. Earlier this year, Private Eye reported Arise had been kicked out of studios in Central London because it hadn't paid the rent. The channel's Nigerian owner Nduka Obaigbena has been slated in various media and social media outlets both in the UK and in his home country for failing to pay staff and suppliers on time.

A staff walk-out in the summer resulted in the channel screening repeats for several days, it's news coverage has been restricted to several looped bulletins each day and has continued to broadcast free-to-air via satellite (and via Sky) since its removal from Freeview.


  1. Just out of interest if they don't pay up could they be stopped from transmitting on Sky even if they are up to date with their Sky dues?

  2. Many of the Arise News staff in London are still awaiting their money from invoices submitted at the beginning of 2015!


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