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Vision247 acquires Synapse TV

Synapse TV, the company who provides a number of connected services on Freeview has been acquired by Vision247.

The two organisations have already been working very closely together for some time, and will now be housed at Vision247's new home at Chiswick Park.

Synapse TV has launched a number of Vision247 services on Freeview, including the Vision TV portal on channel 244.

Synapse – previously a subsidiary of Strategy & Technology (S&T) – has developed a sophisticated suite of technologies that allow interactive TV applications to be deployed quickly and cost-effectively. The majority of Synapse’s TV applications have been for MHEG-based platforms such as UK Freeview, but Synapse also now provides solutions for browser-based technologies such as HbbTV that are used in a growing number of markets worldwide, including the forthcoming Freeview Play service.

Synapse-operated services on Freeview currently include pay TV portal VuTV (channel 238), TVPlayer (on behalf of Simplestream) (channel 241), VisionTV (channel 244) and factual portal Planet Knowledge (channel 245, some areas only). Additional services, including Africa Free TV, Huda TV and two as yet unnamed services are scheduled to launch in the future.

Petra Oblak, Vision247 CEO said,
“We took a lead in OTT delivery of linear content via Connected Freeview over three years ago, so we fully understand the unique opportunity this provides broadcasters to deliver their services via Freeview – the UK’s largest TV platform – at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional over-the-air (OTA) broadcasting. Knowing the class-leading technology, unwavering customer focus, supreme professionalism and unique expertise within Synapse, it was a natural move to bring the company under the Vision247 umbrella.”

Mike Alexander, Managing Director of Synapse TV and newly appointed Commercial Director at Vision247 commented:
“I’m hugely excited by the combined opportunities resulting from this acquisition. Not only will we continue to provide broadcasters and media owners with the ability to deliver content to many millions of Connected Freeview homes in the UK, together we can provide a complete, fully-integrated end-to-end service and are ideally placed to serve the growing market for delivery of content to TVs and mobile devices.”

S&T retains a minority interest in Synapse TV.


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