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Talking Pictures to launch on Freeview

Vintage film channel Talking Pictures will make its debut on Freeview on 22nd September 2015, offering viewers entertainment from yesteryear.

The launch of the channel on Freeview comes just months after it first launched on Sky.

Promising to bring back memories of black and white Saturday Morning Pictures, the channel broadcasts 24 hours a day, offering viewers the opportunity to "re-live some of the rarest gems from British film history; plundering the deepest and darkest vaults of Pinewood, Twickenham and Shepperton Studios to present a wide variety of nostalgic treats."

How to get the channel
  • Talking Pictures will launch on channel 81, at 1pm on 22/09/15 However-:
  • You need a device that works with Freeview HD, Freeview Play, EE TV or YouView. A standard Freeview TV or box is not sufficient.
  • You need to be in an area where BBC Four HD is available on channel 106, as Talking Pictures will have the same coverage area. In other words, if you can receive channel 106, you'll get Talking Pictures, but you may need to retune. Around 70% of the UK is covered by the signal carrying Talking Pictures on Freeview.
  • You can find out more about which channels are available in your area on Freeview using the official Digital UK coverage checker.


  1. Fantastic news, a great addition to freeview, unique with great selection of classic tv and classic movies, that we rarely see on the main channels.

    1. Only if you have freeview HD tho, bit of a con really.

  2. Bad news I didn't pick it up on my HITACHI TV (bad news) boo-hoo! as I've only got standard definition on my telly !! its a shame I didn't upgrade to Freeview HD, same as VIVA from 9am-11am.

    1. Thats a bummer. I will not get the channel on Freeview either. Your best option might be to get a standard satellite kit and tune into Astra. As most of the freeview channels are available on the Filmon web site, you might get it there also.


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