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Personalised radio service proposed by BBC

The BBC proposes to launch a more personalised radio service, as part of its future plans for the next Charter period, which were published today.

It wants to reflect changes in the way radio is consumed by helping audiences easily create their own, individual radio channels, based on their needs, wherever they are, whatever time of day.

In its Future of the BBC report, the broadcaster says "People still want the simplicity and companionship of live radio but they also increasingly want the experience to be more personalised and more in their control, whether at home, on the move, or in the car."

Listeners of the proposed service would be able to combine live and on-demand BBC radio content on their internet enabled devices with music playlists and regular updates for news, sport, travel, weather and other alerts. The service would also make personalised recommendations based on listeners’ habits and choices, meaning listeners would get access to all their favourite audio content in one place, but also discover new things that suit their tastes and needs, without having to search through thousands of programmes.

The current BBC Charter is due to expire at the end of 2016, and any future developments will be subject to the outcome of the Charter Renewal process.


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