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(Archive) Live NFL on Freeview as Sky offers sporting freebie

Sky is giving UK NFL fans a chance to watch live action for free, hot on the heals of its recent acquistion of more NFL sporting rights following Channel 4's decision to ditch coverage this season.

Pick will show live coverage of Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers on Sunday 13th September, from 5:30pm, available on Freeview and YouView channel 11, among other platforms.

Viewers with Sky or Virgin Media have the option watch the fixture in HD on Sky Sports 3 HD, plus the next fixture between Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens from 9pm.

It's the latest sporting tidbit to be offered free-to-air by a pay TV company - BT will also be periodically providing freebies on its Freeview service on channel 59, providing a good opportunity for some cross-promotion to encourage interested sports fans to sign up and subscribe.

Sky's recent announcement that it had got hold of NFL Sunday Night Football in addition to other NFL rights prompted some to wonder if any NFL fixures would be free-to-air this season, although there's no indication that NFL fans can expect any regular free-to-air coverage any time soon.


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