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HD loss for Al Jazeera Freeview service

The HD feed for news channel Al Jazeera English on Freeview was lost over the weekend, leaving viewers with an upscaled standard definition feed.

While Freeview viewers found they couldn't watch the channel in HD, the HD feed of Al Jazeera English via YouTube continued as normal.

The fault appears to be another temporary technical issue for the HD version of the service, which isn't currently available on any other UK TV platform; similar, but brief incidents have been reported before. Al Jazeera has not provided any details about the loss of HD on Freeview.

The Qatar based news channel first launched an HD service on Freeview in November 2013, with its HD coverage area now potentially reaching just over 70% of UK households. Within its coverage area, viewers need a Freeview HD, YouView or EE TV device to watch Al Jazeera English on channel 108.


  1. lost al jezeera 6 days ago from HD standard deff is poor too from emley moor on this channel (108)


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