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Freeview Channel Updates: September 2015

CBS Drama became the last of the CBS UK channels to launch on Freeview, following a rapid roll-out of the CBS channels on the digital terrestrial TV platform in the past 18 months.

CBS Reality was the first station to arrive on Freeview, on 1st April 2014, with CBS Action following on 1st October 2014. CBS Drama followed 11 months later on 1st September.

Here are the latest channel updates:

This section will be updated through the course of the month with the latest updates, usually added within 24 hours.
  • Any updates highlighted in yellow are for viewers with Freeview HD/YouView devices only.
  • The data in brackets, e.g. (ArqB/COM6) refers to the multiplex or 'group of channels' that the service belongs to. For more information about multiplexes, please click here
  • "Streamed channel" refers to services that are broadcast to compatible connected Freeview devices over the internet.

29th September 2015:
3 changes

  • YourTV (ArqA/COM5) has moved from channel 78 to channel 73. It launches 01/10/2015.
  • YourTV+1 (ArqB/COM6) has moved from channel 79 to channel 78. It launches 01/10/2015.
  • Arise News (COM7) has been removed from channel 136.

22nd September 2015:
2 launches
  • ShowBiz TV - new channel 80 (G_MAN) 
  • Talking Pictures - new on channel 81 (COM7)

16th September 2015:
1 launch
  • Huda TV - channel 249 (SDN/COM4) has launched (streamed channel, requires compatible connected Freeview device)

10th September 2015:
2 additions, 1 removal
  • QVC Extra - channel 57 (Comux/Local) Removed (only in areas where there's a local TV service)
  • Your TV - channel 78 (ArqA/COM5) New to Freeview. Information slate ahead of launch at 1pm on 1st October. More information here.
  • Your TV+1 - channel 79 (ArqB/COM6) New to Freeview. Information slate ahead of launch on 1st October.

8th September 2015:
2 removals, 1 change
  • Jewellery Maker - channel 76 (ArqB/COM6) connected TV service launched on compatible devices.
  • CITV redirection slate - channel 795 (SDN/COM4) removed
  • ITV3+1 redirection slate - channel 793 (SDN/COM4) removed. Viewers who haven't retuned should retune to restore them. ITV3+1 will be on channel 34. CITV on 122.

1st September 2015:
1 launch, 2 changes
  • CBS Drama - launched on channel 74. New to Freeview. (SDN/COM4).
  • Daystar - closed and moved to channel 790. (COM7).
  • PTV Prime removed from Vision TV - streamed channel portal - channel 244 (SDN/COM4)

27th August 2015:
1 addition, 1 change
  • The Store - channel 39 (SDN/COM4) Extended broadcast hours 0600-0400. Now carrying programmes from Hochanda TV.
  • Showcase - New on Freeview channel 254 (SDN/COM4) Streamed/hybrid channel. 
Please see the August 2015 page for earlier updates

Dates may be provisional and subject to change.
  • 1 October 2015: YourTV and YourTV+1 More information here.
  • 1 October 2015: Community Channel - multiplex change.
  • 2016: BBC Three and BBC Three HD to be removed from Freeview channel 7 and 105
  • 2016: CBBC to be extended by 2 hours a night, according to the same proposal.
  • 2017-2019: roll-out of BBC One English regions and BBC Two Nations in HD.
  • 2018-2022: 700MHz clearance - Major changes to the Freeview service expected.

Other updates:
  • Synapse 2 and 3 (channels 250 and 251) are placeholders for forthcoming new streamed channel services. 

The following channels have recently obtained Ofcom licences allowing them to broadcast on Freeview, but further information is currently not available:
Receipt of an Ofcom licence is no guarantee that a station will launch.
  • True Entertainment + 1 


BT Sport will broadcast a minimum of 12 Champions League football fixtures each season via BT Sport Showcase, which is currently on Freeview channel 59. BT Sport Showcase is available to around 90% of UK households, and is broadcast together on the same frequency as Spike (channel 31). You may need to retune if you can receive Spike on Freeview, but not BT Sport Showcase.

You can check which Freeview channels should be available in your area on the official Digital UK postcode checker. The channels that you will be able to receive is also dependent on the state of your aerial, cabling and the type of receiver you use. 

  • Local TV services for Aberdeen, Ayr, Basingstoke, Carlisle, Dundee, Guildford, Maidstone, Mold (NE Wales), Reading, Salisbury, Scarborough, Swansea, York are licensed by Ofcom and due to launch within the next two years.

    Eleven years ago in September 2004, Disney owned entertainment channel abc1 launched on Freeview channel 15, where it was available from 6am through to 6pm, except in Wales. The channel became home to comedies including 8 Simple Rules, Home Improvement, Sports Night, Ellen, Scrubs and Less Than Perfect. It briefly showcased drama including Commander In Chief and classic series Moonlighting. In 2006, the channel began showing children's programmes from Playhouse Disney in the morning. Three years later, in September 2007, the channel closed down.

    Six years ago, on 09/09/09, Welsh broadcaster S4C swapped Freeview broadcast slots with E4, to give it universal coverage across Wales from digital switchover. S4C had previously been part of a channel group that would only be broadcast from main transmitters. Since then, E4 has only been available to those viewers in Wales who can receive Freeview from a main transmitter.

    Ofcom is consulting on updating a Code of Practice, that stipulates what broadcasters need to do if viewers face transitional disruption to Freeview reception during the forthcoming clearance of the 700MHz frequency band.  For example, the proposed Code of Practice identifies different types of viewer who may be impacted by temporary frequency changes and who may lose access to some channels. More details on the Ofcom website....

    700MHz clearance is due to take place at some point between 2018 and 2022 - exact dates are to be finalised.

    August 2015
    ITV4 change; Rishtey launches on Freeview

    July 2015
    VIVA moves to COM7, Jewellery Maker returns

    June 2015
    BBC launches extra Red Button streams for Glastonbury and Wimbledon, Travel Channel goes 24/7

    May 2015
    Multiplex COM8 rolls out to more areas; That's Manchester launches 

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