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Freesat and LG team up for satellite TV range

Freesat is to be made available on new and existing LG satellite enabled smart TVs thanks to a new strategic partnership between the two companies.

LG will launch Freesat channels on the new LF650 and LF630 TVs, in screen sizes ranging from 32” to 55” and will be fully compatible with LG’s Magic Motion Remote Control.

In a unusual move, existing satellite-compatible LG TVs will receive a software update to enable more viewers to access the Freesat EPG. Usually, only new devices benefit from such announcements.

Andy Mackay, UK Commercial Director, LG Consumer Electronics, said:
“We’re excited to bring the Freesat offering to our new and existing smart TVs. We are committed to offering people the latest technology innovations, with which to enjoy their favourite content, and this partnership helps us to ensure LG customers are getting access to the very best.” 

Matthew Huntington, Chief Technology Officer at Freesat, said
“Freesat is delighted to be partnering with LG to offer Freesat on its range of new and existing satellite TVs. LG has built an important position in the UK market, repeatedly positioning great products at the right price. Partnering with Freesat will provide customers even better choice, with over 200 channels, completely subscription free, this partnership between LG and Freesat is offering viewers something special.”


  1. I have a 43uh668v lg tv and the TV guide does not work for freesat. This is response from lg.
    Thank you for contacting us regarding the issue your having with the freesat guide.

    In regards to this while our TVs are capable of tuning in freesat the software for the TV (including the guide) is designed for use with Freeview, the reason for this is we have a contract with Freeview and Freeview play to fully support there source, where as we only partially support freesat.

    I do apologise for any inconvenience the guide not displaying a preview or full channel information causes however i hope this has answered your query.


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