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Clarity powers 300,000 ITV2 ident combinations

It would take 36 years to watch all combinations of ITV2's recently introduced new idents, with 300,000 different combinations of the short sequence that identifies the channel before each programme.

Clarity, from broadcast graphics and automation solutions provider Pixel Power powers that new look, ensuring that the same scene isn't played back to back by mistake. ITV Creative worked with Simon Davis and design house ManvsMachine to create the concept.

The result was the concept of random change in the idents. A large number of dynamic animations – toasters, hammers falling on to clocks, and a traffic jam of jam jars amongst them – are stored on Pixel Power's Clarity system for playout, and the system picks clips from a number of them to create unique idents.

“Pixel Power kit is integral to this,” said Davis. “Using the in-built scripting functionality my coding partner and I designed an algorithm that essentially cuts and splices together different edits of longer scenes. The algorithm is clever enough to know what it has selected, and will not play the same scene back to back.”

There are a total of 300,000 different combinations. Davis added. “ManvsMachine calculated it would take 36 years to watch them all on TV."

James Gilbert, CEO of Pixel Power, said:
“This is a brilliantly inventive application of our automated transition logic. Clarity was designed to be able to play out frame accurate sequences of content in a graphics template. What Simon and the team have done is to come up with a really clever way of selecting them. It is going to be a stunning piece of branding which is sure to get the whole industry talking.”

ITV first installed Clarity 3D units in 2013, as part of a complete refresh of its on-screen looks which saw a common look and feel across all its channels. This was based on a core OSP (on-screen presentation) kit of graphics and styles, designed in and powered by the Pixel Power hardware.

Pixel Power is showing off Clarity at this year's IBC. They can be find on stand 7.A31.


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