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C4 launching new online drama channel in January 2016

Channel 4 is to launch its new online channel devoted to world drama  in January, which will eventually host more than 600 hours of drama from around the globe. 

The service, which was previously announced with the working title 4 World Drama will launch under the name "Walter Presents". It will be available via Channel 4's online and connected TV service All4.

Walter Presents is a partnership between Channel 4 and Global Series Network (GSN) and has been given its odd name after being named after Walter Iuzzolino, the Chief Creative Officer at GSN, to emphasise the curatorial nature of the service.

In January, Channel 4 and Walter Presents will bring viewers German drama Deutschland 83, an eight part drama that critics are calling " taut, gripping and stylish", set amidst the menaces of a divided Germany in the early 1980s. It will first be shown on regular TV before being available as a box-set on Walter Presents.

Titles that will be available through Walter Presents in the first year will originate from a wide range of territories, including Brazil, France, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Argentina, Israel, Belgium, Poland, Chile and Denmark among others. A selection of dramas from the service will also be broadcast on Channel 4 and More 4.

Meanwhile, Walter himself says of the new service:
“We live in the golden age of serial drama – with French and Scandi thrillers gripping audiences in their millions. This is the perfect time to introduce UK viewers to a much broader choice of the very best dramas and box sets from around the world, which they never previously knew existed.”

Jay Hunt, Chief Creative Officer at Channel 4, says:
“Channel 4 has steadily grown its reputation for bringing the best of world drama to the UK - from The Returned to Saboteurs. The remarkable Deutschland 83 is a perfect launch for Walter presents – which will allow UK audiences to enjoy hand-picked global hits.”


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