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BBC cuts: CBBC and CBeebies safe

BBC Director General Tony Hall has told MPs that the BBC has 'no proposals' to close CBeebies or CBBC or take them online only.

Although cuts to the children's channels were unlikely, some thought that the proposed iPlay service for children would replace both channels. It prompted a petition on the website to be set up to save CBeebies.

CBBC, despite its audience increasingly using tablets and mobile to stream and download content, will be extending its broadcast hours next year.

Tony Hall made his comments about the children's channels at the Commons Select Committee for Culture, Media and Sport today, which was reviewing the BBC's Annual Report. He also said he thought the most recent licence fee deal was better than the 2010 deal, which saw the BBC take on funding for Welsh channel S4C and the BBC World Service.

Last week, a516digital analysed which BBC services could be cut. We gave CBBC/CBeebies a green ranking (least likely to be cut), BBC Four an amber ranking - liable to further cuts but probably not an outright closure - and BBC News Channel a red ranking - over the next decade, the BBC wants to move from rolling news to streaming news, so it's unlikely that over the next charter period the News Channel as we know it will remain on air. It could increasingly become a simulcast of BBC World News with UK opt-outs for domestic news programmes.


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