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BBC bids to shake up daytime TV with new shows

Fern Britton is joining BBC One as part of the channel's drive to shake up its daytime schedule.

The former This Morning host will present new antiques quiz show: For What It's Worth. This show is, according to the BBC "a strategic quiz with simple gameplay plus the tantalising play-a-long of guessing the value of really interesting antiques."

The Edge will also roll back on to BBC One Daytime with new host, TV presenter and BBC Sport broadcaster Gabby Logan. Logan will present the brand new 25-part series of The Edge - the gameshow all about quick-fire general knowledge and nifty ball control - as it makes a welcome return this autumn.

Fugitives: Home And Abroad will give BBC One exclusive access to the front-line police units seeking out the most dangerous fugitives among the 18,000 foreign criminals thought to be hiding out in the UK. The criminals are wanted in their home countries for anything from murder to money-laundering.

Announcing the first set of new programmes to BBC Daytime, Dan McGolpin, controller of Daytime said:
“We have lots of returning shows on BBC Daytime but one of my biggest challenges is to create space for new opportunities. I want bold new ideas and returnable series that do something different to the successful shows that we already have.
"In the mornings, I want to make 9.15am more of a shop-window for us. It’s a place where viewers can engage with the world around them, and the slot benefits from a strong audience inheritance from BBC Breakfast. We can broadcast event series there like Big Blue UK or Operation Meet The Street, it’s a place where we can be ambitious and timely. I’m also looking for distinctive and engaging new formats or documentary series that can play at 9.15am or 11am."
"Mid-afternoon there are opportunities for new competitive formats, sometimes with escapist or indulgent qualities and I’d like to see more humour. Quizzes need to offer something beyond question and answers; they need strong entertainment values as well as strong game-play."
"On BBC Two, there is the opportunity to re-define the 6pm slot; there is broad audience available who would like an alternative to news and this may well include new entertainment formats.”


  1. They plan to shake up daytime with another antiques show ???

  2. The BBC will itself become an antique at this rate..


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