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BBC and Jazz FM join forces for pop up Jazz station

The BBC is launching a pop-up radio station on digital radio this November dedicated to jazz.

For the first time ever, the public broadcaster will team up with commercial station Jazz FM for the temporary service, which is also a collaboration with the EFG London Jazz Festival.

BBC Music Jazz will feature Jamie Cullum, Julian Joseph, Clare Teal, Craig Charles, Helen Mayhew, Jez Nelson, Geoffrey Smith, Claire Martin, Chris Philips, Alyn Shipton and many other household names, plus a live simulcast of BBC Radio 3's EFG London Jazz Festival coverage and Jazz FM’s rare archive coverage of Ella Fitzgerald in concert from the 1990s.

How to listen
Listeners will be able to access "BBC Music Jazz" from 2pm on Thursday 12th November through to midnight, Sunday 15th November 2015.
  • It will be available on digital radio in the UK, 
  • Listeners across the UK and the world will be able to listen online at 
  • The pop-up station will also appear on the BBC iPlayer Radio App. 
  • However, the station will not be distributed on digital TV platforms.
Content from the service will be available for 30 days on-demand via BBC iPlayer Radio.

James Stirling, BBC Music Editor said:
“I’m really pleased that we’re able to showcase the wide range of Jazz content available across the BBC and through working with Jazz FM, some rare archive. BBC Music Jazz will offer jazz fans and beginners alike something truly unique this autumn and demonstrates the power of BBC Music to bring audiences closer to the music they love.”

Jonathan Arendt, CEO Jazz FM says:
“It’s fantastic that jazz is bringing the BBC and commercial radio together in this unique collaboration. We know that the pop-up will introduce new audiences across the country to the wonders of jazz and the EFG London Jazz Festival. In our 25th anniversary year we’re delighted to be working with the extraordinary teams from BBC Radio and Serious on this groundbreaking digital station.”

And Claire Whitaker on behalf of Serious, producers of the EFG London Jazz Festival responded:
“We are delighted to be collaborating with both BBC Music and Jazz FM on this project, which will have the enviable result of building a wider audience both for the Festival, and the music we hold dear.”


  1. Sarah cox, Jamie callum,Jazz fm, top 50; If i had seen Jules Holland's name there , that could have been the final straw that caused the vomitting. Why can't we have a dedicated permanent channel hosted by people who love the form. I love jazz. Shame the BBC don't appear to.
    ps. Bring back 'Mixing It'.


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