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Another change for the Community Channel on Freeview

Viewers of the Community Channel on Freeview will be affected by a multiplex change taking place on the 1st October, due to other changes on the Freeview service at the beginning of October.

The Media Trust operated channel, which receives donated airtime on platforms such as Freeview, will be moving back to a DVB-T2 multiplex, meaning the channel will revert to being only available to viewers with devices that are compatible with Freeview HD, although broadcast in standard definition.

The Community Channel is celebrating 15 years on air - it launched on the 18th September 2000 and came to Freeview in October 2002 when it took over a three hour slot on one of the BBC's interactive video streams (later called BBC Red Button).

The move comes in tandem with the launch of the YourTV service, which will be on air from 7am through to 3am on Freeview channel 78 using bandwidth on the multiplex Community Channel is vacating.

YourTV, a female-skewing channel from Fox, will launch at 1pm on the 1st October, with launch day highlights including Don't Tell The Bride and Shark.

At a glance
What happens if I don't have a Freeview HD compatible device?
Viewers without a Freeview HD compatible device won't be able to watch the Community Channel after the changes. However, the Community Channel can be streamed online via services such as

Will all viewers with Freeview HD be able to receive the Community Channel?
The Community Channel is moving to a multiplex that doesn't have full UK coverage, so not all viewers with a Freeview HD compatible device will be able to watch the channel.

Which channel number is Community moving to?
The Community Channel is staying on channel 63, providing you have a Freeview HD compatible box and live in an area covered by the signal.


  1. I do think the best move for this would be as some kind of sustaining service for the local channels during daytime.


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