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[Archive] Two new craft channels are coming to Freeview

This article from 2015 has been archived, but kept online for reference purposes. The information contained in this article will no longer reflect the current situation.

UPDATED | Get your scissors, glue, paper and threads ready: Freeview is going arts and craft crazy, with two new craft channels announcing their impending launch.

Hochanda TV, previously announced as launching September, made its debut on 27th August 2015. It's available on Freeview channel 39 as part of "The Store".

The channel, which has been set up by Paul Wright, the co-founder of Ideal Shopping Direct and partner Val Kaye, is to also launch on Sky and Freesat, reaching a total of 16 million homes at launch.

Meanwhile, The Craft Channel, featuring former QVC presenter Debbie Greenwood, has announced it will be launching on 14th September at 8am, broadcasting "fresh daily content dedicated to craft, arts and hobbies."

The Craft Channel will broadcast as a strand of programming on Showcase TV, which is available on compatible connected Freeview devices on channel 254 from 6am to 1pm every day. The channel will also be available on satellite, where it will be on-air via Sky channel 660 and Freesat 815, replacing TJC Choice, and will be available from 6am to 2pm and 6pm to 1am.

More information about The Craft Channel here.

Until now, arts and craft enthusiasts with Freeview have had to mostly make do with Create & Craft, available on Freeview channel 36, which in turn has been successful in reaching out to the £2.5 billion UK crafting market, helping Create & Craft's owner Ideal Shopping Direct net a pre-tax profit of around £15 million in 2014. Meanwhile, Jewellery Maker, on Freeview channel 76, provides inspiration to viewers wanting to make their own jewellery.

Updated: 09/09/2015, with the latest details regarding The Craft Channel.


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