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The Day of the Disgruntled Sports Fan

Sports fans were less than pleased about Saturday's sporting coverage on television, as Channel 5 launched its new football league highlights show to less than complementary feedback on social media.

And amidst a live TV coverage blackout the other side of the Irish Sea, Irish rugby fans had to find workarounds in order to watch their national team play Wales in the team's first of four Rugby World Cup warm-up matches. Meanwhile, BT Sport viewers complained about matches being spoilt by on-graphic graphics surrounding the action on the pitch.

Channel 5's football fail
Football League Tonight, Channel 5's new weekly prime-time football league highlights programme fronted by George Riley and Kelly Cates debuted with harsh criticism of the show online. A lack of highlights, the inclusion of an audience and 'wooden' presenters made the official #footballon5 hashtag trend on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

From The Mirror's TV critic:

Predictably, the lack of an HD version of Channel 5 on free-to-air services was also complained about.

Irish blackout
Meanwhile, sports fans the other side of the Irish Sea faced a TV blackout of coverage of their national rugby team's game in Wales.

None of the main Irish broadcasters provided live coverage on TV, so viewers ended up having to find workaround solutions. Thousands searched for manual tuning details for BBC One Wales, so they could add the channel with the live coverage on their Sky or free-to-air satellite receivers. Other users resorted to using VPNs in an attempt to view the BBC Sport live stream via the BBC Sport website or the iPlayer.

Highlights of the game, which saw Ireland beat Wales were shown several hours later on RTÉ 2 and Sky Sports 3 in the Republic.

BT Sport graphics and gremlins
This is what live coverage of French football looked like on the BT App.
BT Sport didn't escape unscathed from the ire of sports fans. Users of the BT Sport App who were trying to watch Marseille v Caen live found they got a testcard labelled "MCR 625" instead of the actual match.

And viewers with BT Sport Europe complained about football matches being spoilt by on-screen banners, which some said were like Sky Sports News, surrounding the action on the pitch.


  1. I like the new BT Sport Europe channel EXCEPT the fact that about a quarter of the screen is taken up by news about forthcoming matches elsewhere, yes a bit like the Sky Sports News channel, let us have the FULL screen please

  2. Just wish BT would drop the silly huge onscreen logos and make em smaller! That would be a start!

    Saw that mess on C5 over the weekend, it was a shambles!


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