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Sky introduces new movie features to keep up with competitors

  • New update also enables viewers to choose whether to display Sports or Kids tile on the Sky+HD EPG homepage.

The latest update to Sky+ rolls out to Sky+HD boxes from today with new features for Sky Movies users. 

It introduces a personalised movies library and the facility to rollback to the start of film that's already started.  The new features come in response to the growing threat of competitors such as Netflix, who already offer some of the functions being rolled out from today.

This latest software update - called R012 - is now rolling out to customers and will be available to millions of homes with compatible Sky+HD boxes by later in the autumn -  older Sky+HD boxes from Pace and Samsung won't get the update.

Brand new features being introduced from today for Sky Movies customers include:
  • More Like This - a movies recommendation service, with one click of the yellow button you’ll be served up suggestions based on a single title you select. For example fans of The Lego Movie might be offered similar family titles like The Box Trolls and Maleficent.
  • Create a personalised movies library with Watchlist.  Rather than looking for a new movie each time you settle down on the sofa, Sky Movies customers will now be able to compile their own ongoing wish list of films to watch. Add movies to your dedicated list with a single click of the green button – and simply come back to watch at a later date.
  • Watch from Start - Press the green button and download the film that's on now, so you can watch from the beginning.
  • Rotten TomatoesTM Audience Scores as star ratings - perfect for helping to decide if that blockbuster action flick is the one for you!

Luke Bradley-Jones, Director of TV Products said:
"This is just the latest in a series of enhancements we're rolling out every few months to make sure Sky+ continues to make TV watching a brilliant experience in homes up and down the country. The pace at which we're developing for Sky+ has never been quicker - so customers can look forward to more updates later this year and into 2016."

Ian Lewis, Director of Sky Movies said:
“If there’s one place the family can count on for the latest Hollywood blockbusters or classic films, either live or on demand, it’s Sky Movies. And we’re now introducing some clever new features that will make it even easier to find and enjoy a fantastic movie when you settle down on the sofa – including brand new ‘Watch from Start’ which makes missing the start of a film a thing of the past.”

Last year there were over 2.4 billion on demand views across services including Sky+ and Sky Go, and these updates will continue to drive this trend. On demand views are up 42% year on year for Sky Movies customers. Films on Sky Movies include Interstellar, Gone Girl and The Maze Runner, with Horrible Bosses 2, Pride, The Theory of Everything and Into The Woods coming in early Autumn.

The sports tab is back
Viewers with the DRX890 or DRX895 Sky+HD box can choose whether the Kids tile or Sports tile is displayed on the Sky+HD homepage as part of this software upgrade. Once the software upgrade has been applied to your box in the coming weeks, go to  Options  > Customise > Homepage Personalisation.
  • Movies features are exclusive to customers taking Sky Movies pack. 
  • More information at: for more information.


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