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New crafts and hobby channel Hochanda to launch 27th August

Arts, crafts and hobby channel Hochanda has confirmed it's launching on Thursday 27th August.

Viewers will be able to find the channel on Freeview, YouView, Freesat and Sky.

The channel had originally planned to launch on 1st September.

Hochanda is due to launch at noon, and will show live programmes from 9am to 9pm. On Freeview, the channel will be available from 6am through to 4am.



  1. How have they got channel 39? Looks like it used to be The Store so I'd have thought ITV would have bumped up one of their +1 holding channels or it would go to C5 as the nearest PSB broadcaster.

    Anyhow, can't believe Create and Crap is still going never mind two more channels launching. Really am uncomfortable though with these channels continuing to be mixed in amongst the general entertainment channels - advertising and programming should clearly be separate and having the shopping channels as part of the main entertainment section isn't highlighting that they're there to sell you stuff, not to entertain you.

  2. Leider nur Empfang mit ASTRA :(

  3. I am on Virgin so why are we not getting it? Can I access it online? If not they will be missing an awful lot of viewers !!

    1. Watch a live stream at


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