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New Cambridge TV channel launches

Cambridge's new local TV channel hits the airwaves this evening, the first of the second phase of local TV roll-out in the UK.

Viewers with Freeview, YouView or Virgin Media in the Cambridge area will be able to watch the launch of Cambridge TV, billed as the "new local TV channel for bright, curious people", at 8:00pm

It will be available on Freeview and YouView channel 8 and Virgin Media channel 159. It is due to be added to Freeview during the day on Tuesday, so that viewers will be able to retune Freeview or YouView in the evening. Virgin Media viewers in Cambridgeshire will see the channel automatically added to their channel line-up.

Viewers outside of the terrestrial and cable coverage area will be able to access Cambridge TV online at

Carl Homer, Director of Cambridge TV, says:
"This is a great opportunity to tell our Cambridge stories to one another and to the rest of the world; to promote and learn about Cambridge - its history and future as a centre for research, innovation and culture.

"We hope people will take advantage of the platform and help us shape it to reflect the city’s character, intelligence and creativity."

Cambridge TV is the 19th local TV channel to launch in the UK since November 2013 and the first of the second phase of local TV channels to go live. Ofcom began the first phase of its licensing process for local TV in 2012, which led to the first local TV stations launching on Freeview in late 2013 / early 2014. Cambridge TV, under the name Cambridge Presents, was announced as the winner of a local TV licence in October 2013, when Ofcom started the second phase of local TV licence awards.

That's Lancashire, serving Blackpool and Preston is the next local TV station lining up to launch. Further stations covering places including Ayr, Carlisle, Dundee, Middlesborough, Swansea and York are currently preparing to start broadcasts in the future.

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