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MuxCo confirmed as Suffolk DAB licence winner

MuxCo has been officially confirmed by Ofcom as the winner of the new Suffolk local DAB licence, paving the way for local stations to launch across Suffolk on digital radio.

In its decision to grant MuxCo a licence, Ofcom said:
Muxco Suffolk Limited (“MuxCo”) intends to use three transmitters to cover 87% of the ‘outdoor’ licensed area reaching 55.7% of adults with an adequate ‘indoor’ signal. 

Ofcom's Broadcast Licensing Committee noted that MuxCo's detailed business plans together with operational and financial contributions proposed from its business partners Lincs FM Group Ltd and Town and Country Broadcasting Ltd., indicated that MuxCo "would be in a position to establish and run this service for the duration of the licence term."

The multiplex is expected to reach this level of coverage by the end of next year. At launch, the multiplex will carry Heart Suffolk, Smooth Suffolk, New stations "Suffolk First" (Country Music) and Anglia (Rock music) plus BBC Radio Suffolk, with additional capacity for other stations to launch, if they are interested.

MuxCo was the only applicant for the DAB licence.


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