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Gordon the Gopher and Edd the Duck are back for CBBC 30th anniversary celebration

Andi and Edd in the Broom Cupboard
The BBC is bringing back Gordon the Gopher and Edd the Duck for a special celebration marking 30 years of CBBC presentation on Wednesday 9th September.

Devised as the "bits in-between shows", live children's presentation on the BBC first aired at 3:55pm on 9th September 1985, from the infamous Broom Cupboard with Phillip Schofield.

To mark the anniversary, a 60-minute live programme, Hacker’s Birthday Bash, hosted by current presenters Hacker T Dog, Cel Spellman, Katie Thistleton and Dodge T Dog will bring more than 20 former presenters and puppets together, as well as exclusively announcing the newest recruit to the CBBC Presentation team live on air.

The BBC promises "something for every generation"; viewers will be able to watch nostalgic archive clips from the past 30 years, while past presenters will share their own memories and play classic CBBC games. Andi Peters will reunite with Edd the Duck in the Broom Cupboard, while Zoe Ball is quizzed on her 90s fashion choices, and Phillip Schofield shares his memories of launching Children's BBC in 1985.

A raft of household names including Zoe Ball, Andi Peters, Angellica Bell, Dick and Dom, Kirsten O’Brien and Matt Edmondson started their careers on the CBBC presentation team.

Commenting on the milestone, Phillip Schofield says: 
“I can't believe it’s 30 years since I welcomed viewers to the first afternoon of Children's BBC. I had great fun in the Broom Cupboard, learning the skills of live TV. If you can introduce Newsround with a fluffy Gopher squeaking next to you, you can handle anything! I’m delighted to be involved in CBBC’s anniversary celebrations. Here's to the next 30 years.”

Former presenters will be joining in the celebrations live at BBC Children’s headquarters at MediaCityUK, Salford, including Andy Crane, Simon Parkin, Toby Anstis, Steve Wilson, Simon Grant, Kirsten O’Brien, Angellica Bell, Andrew Hayden-Smith, Dick and Dom, Adrian Dickson, Otis the Aardvark, Chris Jarvis, Simeon Courtie, Matt Edmondson, Ortis Deley, Ed Petrie and Iain Stirling, as well as the current presenting team.

Zoe Ball, who presented on CBBC from 1993 to 1995, says: 
“Thirty years is a fantastic achievement. Happy Birthday Children's BBC - and long may it continue! It's such a joy to have been part of. Happy days!”

Andi Peters adds: 
“I'm really looking forward to getting back in the BroomCupboard with my old mate Edd the Duck for the 30th anniversary. He's combing his green mohican as I speak! When I last presented Children's BBC, Take That were topping the charts and Chris Evans was everywhere... perhaps not that much has changed in the last 22 years after all!”

Cheryl Taylor, Controller of CBBC says: 
“We’d be delighted to welcome all the stars back to CBBC for this special event. Even Gordon is welcome - as long as he’s a good gopher! So he’s on the guest list... for now”

CBBC, or "Children's BBC" for older viewers, broadcast until 21st December 2012 on BBC One every afternoon; for many years the children's were broadcast from around 3:50pm through to 5:35pm.

In 2002, the BBC launched two new children's channels, splitting its children's output into two brands - CBBC for 6-12 year olds and CBeebies for the under 6s. The march of digital TV brought about the end of CBBC on BBC One and BBC Two. Even the flagship CBBC channel has seen its ratings drop over the last decade, as more children move online.

In January 2013, ITV celebrated 30 years its children's service CITV. It marked the occasion by showcasing some of its best remembered children's programmes from the past three decades in what was branded "Old Skool Weekend" on the CITV channel.


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