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Fire puts out radio reception in Lyme Regis

A fire has put out FM and DAB radio services available to residents in and around the Dorset coastal town of Lyme Regis.

At 11:40pm on Sunday, around 4,000 listeners in the area lost access to BBC national FM and DAB services broadcast from the site. BBC Reception Advice reports that the transmitter is damaged and that engineers are working to restore services, "after a review of site safety."

The Lyme Regis transmitter mast serves an area along the Dorset coast sheltered by high hills and cliffs, stopping reception from neighbouring main FM and DAB transmitter sites. It is an FM relay of North Hessary Tor transmitter in Devon.


  1. Good job they still have MW & LW to keep them informed for now !

  2. UPDATE: Services from the site are back on air.


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