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US channel AMC is launching a UK version of its channel, together with BT. It will premiere new drama, Fear the Walking Dead and acclaimed drama Rectify.

The channel will be available to BT customers who have BT Sport either via Sky or BT's YouView based TV service.

Here's what you need to know about the channel, which launched on 28th August:

How do I get AMC?
Sky UK: Channel 192 (HD for Sky HD users, otherwise you'll see the SD version here)
You need to be a subscriber to the BT Sport Pack on Sky. AMC is currently offered to subscribers "at no extra cost."
BT TV: Channel 381 (HD), 332 (SD).
You need to have BT phone, broadband and BT TV (e.g. a BT YouView box). AMC will be one of the channels that you receive streamed through your internet connection (the same way BT Sport is provided to your box). AMC is currently offered to subscribers "at no extra cost." The HD version of the channel is available to viewers who subscribe to the HD pack.

What's on?
Highlights include
  • Fear the Walking Dead will premiere on 31st August at 9pm
  • Rectify will follow on 1st September at 9pm.
  • Further shows on the channel include repeats of Breaking Bad and Mad Men.

When will the channel be on air?
At launch, the channel is scheduled to broadcast from 7pm and through the night.

Will AMC launch in HD?
AMC is now available in HD on both Sky and BT TV.

Is there a +1 channel?

Is AMC on Freeview?
No. It will not be on Freeview.

The series premiere of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead was shown on BT Showcase, Freeview channel 59 on 31st August 2015, as part of a promotional campaign by BT to raise awareness of the new AMC channel, but this event was (so far) a one-off.

Is AMC on Virgin Media?
Not at the present time.

Is there going to be an on-demand service?
Yes, but for BT TV viewers only.

Where can I find out more about the AMC UK channel?
Visit the channel's website at

Last updated: 26/10/2015.

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  1. Makes me laugh that another channel launching in SD only in 2015.
    Yes its in HD via BT TV but seriously, people want HD content, esp if you're paying for it!!

  2. Absolute rip off I'm a sky customer and have to take BT sport to get what I want to watch AMC ! £19.99 a month I don't think so, have to find it elsewhere , I'm afraid AMC aren't going to get many takers at that price , is it not going to be shown on Fox UK like walking dead always has been?

    1. Fear The Walking Dead is due to be released on Amazon Prime in the UK next year.

    2. I'm sorry to say but for this show I will be downloading it even tho I can AMC as my step dad pays for BT sports we get SD ....... What the F**K BT f**king SD ..... F**k you!!!!!

  3. Well this isn't going to see piracy rates lower at all, is it? If anything, a lot of people will end up downloading the likes of FTWD. Especially if you're not a BT customer. Dumb move!!

  4. Well I'm on Virgin so no Sky Atlantic and now no AMC. Shed no tears though , I wont be missing it.