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Club Brugge v Man U becomes first free-to-air match on BT

BT Sport Showcase - Freeview channel 59.
BT has confirmed it's making Club Brugge vs Man U its first free-to-air football fixture on BT Sport Showcase.

The first UEFA Champions League live match will be shown on the channel on Wednesday 26th August 2015, with coverage starting at 7pm. Kick-off is at 7:45. BT Sport Showcase is on Freeview channel 59. (More information about the channel is available here.)

The clash will determine whether the Red Devils qualify for the next stage of the competition. United lead 3-1 after the first leg at Old Trafford, after a last-minute header from Marouane Fellaini gave them a two-goal lead to protect at the Jan Breydel stadium in Bruges, Belgium.

Announcing the news, Simon Green, head of BT Sport, said:
“We are delighted to offer this finely poised second leg match as the first live match that will be freely available on BT Sport Showcase. It will give Freeview viewers the opportunity to enjoy a great live European tie and take a look at the new BT Sport Champions League coverage, if they are not already subscribers.”

The show will be fronted by Gary Lineker and analysis provided by ex-Manchester United legends Paul Scholes and Rio Ferdinand.

The game will also be shown on BT Sport Europe / BT Sport Europe HD for existing BT Sport customers on Sky and BT TV. BT Sport Europe will be free during the Club Brugge v Manchester United fixture on Virgin Media. It won't be available for free on Sky.

BT Sport Showcase
BT will show a minimum of 12 Champions League and 14 Europa League matches this season via the channel. The channel is coming soon to Virgin Media - testing under the name "BT Sport Free", but a launch date hasn't yet been confirmed.

Next week, the BT Showcase channel will broadcast the first episode of AMC drama Fear The Walking Dead, as a teaser for BT's new AMC channel, which launches this weekend.


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