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BBC Trust launches second BBC Three consultation

The BBC Trust has launched its second public consultation on the BBC Executive’s proposals to close BBC Three as a broadcast channel and move it online; launch a +1 channel for BBC One; evolve BBC iPlayer; and extend the hours of CBBC.

The second consultation follows the publication of the Trust's provisional conclusions in June, when the BBC Trust gave provisional approval to the plans for BBC Three subject to conditions; provisional approval for the plans for iPlayer and CBBC; and provisionally rejected the BBC One +1 proposal.

The second consultation, which runs until 30 September, seeks views from the public and stakeholders on these provisional conclusions and whether appropriate conditions have been imposed.  Proposed amendments for the relevant licences for BBC services affected by the proposed changes have also been published.

These were the conditions the BBC Trust put on the BBC Executive over the changes to BBC Three:
  • A more carefully managed transition from broadcast TV to an online service, to raise awareness of the change;
  • Clearer commitments to programmes on BBC One and/or BBC Two that appeal to a younger audience, including the use of those channels to continue broadcasting long-form BBC Three programmes; and
  • A commitment to a space on broadcast television (not just on BBC Three online) where risks can be taken with new talent and new ideas of the sort that BBC Three has been successful in developing.

You can find the second consultation here.


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