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Thousands more households added to BBC DAB coverage area

Tens of thousands of homes have been brought into the coverage area of the BBC's national DAB multiplex within the past week, and thousands more now have more robust reception of the service.

Latest BBC data confirms that a further seven transmitter sites were added to the network on 30th June 2015, including Haverfordwest in Pembrokeshire and Swingate in Kent, where commercial multiplex Digital One also boosted its coverage last week.

The roll-out of additional DAB transmitter sites broadcasting the BBC's national radio stations is part of the broadcasters fourth phase of national DAB roll-out, which is due to complete by the end of the year, when 97% of the UK population will be covered by the signal.

The latest additions:

Impact of coverage boost
West Pembrokeshire
4,700 households added to coverage area
Turnpike Hill
Hythe, Kent
1,800 households added to coverage area
Deal and Dover
Improved coverage for 16,400 homes
Skinningrove, Loftus, Brotton in Teesside
Improved reception in parts of Teesside
Wisbech and surrounding areas
Improved reception in Wisbech and surrounding Fens
Holywell Brynford Hill
2,500 households added to the coverage area
Llandyfriog, Newcastle Emlyn and surrounding areas on the Carmarthenshire Border
2,200 households added to the coverage area
Downham Market
Downham Market and surrounding areas in Norfolk
3,200 households added to the coverage area


  1. In my area (Wembley, Middlesex), reception on Freeview TV is completely useless. It breaks up more often when a good program is on.

    Thank god I also have Freesat dish so I can switch quickly when this happens. Any ideas where and to whom should I complain about this?

    Thank you.

    1. Before you complain, there's just a couple of things you need to check (which broadcasters may assume you've done before you contact them).
      1. Check with neighbours to see if they also have problems receiving Freeview. If they are having problems, it may be due to a local source of interference.
      2. Check that your outdoor* aerial is OK, including cables and connections leading to the aerial. Wear and tear will happen over time, especially when exposed to the elements.

      In your location, you should be picking up a signal from Crystal Palace transmitter. There are no reported issues from this transmitter (and if there were a lot of people would be complaining!). Assuming that your receiver is correctly tuned to the strongest transmitter for your area, and your reception problems are not down to your own outdoor aerial, or cabling/connections, you may contact the Radio and Television Investigation Service at

      A small number of households may be affected by 4G, but unless you've had a postcard through the door from a company called at800, this may be unlikely. More information at

      * Freeview coverage predictions are based on outside aerials. If you have an indoor aerial, there will be no support against local interference.


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