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Radio industry group says No to enforced radio switchover

The industry body for commercial radio has called for a consumer-led switchover to digital radio and consideration as to how the FM band could be used in the future.

In a paper outlining its vision for commercial radio in the UK, the newly re-branded Radiocentre said there should not be an enforced switchover of small local commercial radio stations from FM to digital radio platforms.

Ahead of next year's launch of a second almost-national commercial radio multiplex, the organisation said it supported expansion of digital radio and said that work should continue to "enable national and large local services to switch off their FM frequencies when they are ready to do so."

It has called for a review on how the FM band "can be utilised most effectively and repurposed in future", given it says "that FM is likely to continue as a platform for radio for some time."

External content | The full report on commercial radio is available via the Radiocentre website 


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