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New frequency and broadcast hours for Community Channel on Freeview

The Community Channel has a new slot and timings on Freeview, enabling more viewers to access the channel.

From today, the Community Channel is available from 11:00am to 1:00am on Freeview and YouView channel 63.

The channel has moved to a new frequency and is now on the digital multiplex carrying Sky News, so that just over 90% of UK households can now access the channel. In recent months, the channel had only been available to viewers with Freeview HD equipment, despite broadcasting in standard definition, and had only been available to around 70% of households.

Viewer action
  • Viewers may need to retune in order to restore the Community Channel on channel 63. It's available wherever Sky News is available on Freeview.
  • The old version of the Community Channel for Freeview HD viewers moves to channel 790 upon retuning.

Community Channel provides UK-based charities, community groups and voluntary organisations with airtime and is wholly owned by MediaTrust, with support from all major UK broadcasters and platform operators. 


  1. Must be the most moved channel in Freeview history thanks to it basically mopping up free space. It would make sense really to use it as a sustaining service for the Local channels too - most are clearly out of their depth trying to provide more than a few hours of content a day and Community Channel fits the local TV image far more than teleshopping ever would. It might not pay as much but it would strengthen the channels image IMO.


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