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Jewellery Maker returns to Freeview ahead of 5* changes

Shopping channel Jewellery Maker has returned as a standalone channel on Freeview, ahead of changes to teleshopping times on 5*.

The channel is now available on channel 76, and will be on-air for four hours every morning, between 8am and midday.

Jewellery Maker had been originally available as a standalone channel on Freeview in some parts of the UK until the beginning of the year. In recent months, the channel has been available to Freeview viewers via 5* on channel 30, as part of a daily teleshopping strand between 9am and 1pm.

5* is extending its broadcast hours from 1st August 2015, with regular programmes running from 9am through to 3am, with a new morning schedule replacing the Jewellery Maker teleshopping slot. This means that Jewellery Maker fans will need to make the switch to channel 76 (a retune may be required) in order to keep watching the channel on Freeview beyond the end of this week.

There are no changes to the availablity of Jewellery Maker on Sky, Freesat or Virgin Media.


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