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Golf heads to BBC Fore...

Coverage of The Open Golf Championship from St Andrews is making its debut on the BBC's arts and culture channel BBC Four after delays caused by the weather.

It's the first time BBC Four has hosted live sports coverage.

Heavy rain and strong winds across Scotland this morning meant that proceedings couldn't get underway at the scheduled time in St Andrew's, leading to play being extended into the evening.

With BBC Two off to the First Night of The Proms at 8pm, the BBC was forced to make the decision earlier today to move coverage across to BBC Four until close of play, rather than move the Proms to BBC Four.

As a result, You've Got a Friend, The Carole King Story won't be shown, but as of the time of publication, it is still scheduled for 1:00am, which would have been a repeat from 8pm.

The BBC was expecting Golf coverage be over in time for Rock n' Roll America, but play continued beyond 9pm, making use of the last light of the day.

BBC Four - channel numbers
BBC Four, not the usual habitat of an armchair sports fan, is found on:
  • Freeview and YouView: channel 9 (HD - not in all areas - on channel 106)
  • Sky: channel 116*
  • Freesat: channel 107*
  • Virgin Media: channel 107 (SD) or 164 (HD).
  • Online: Available at and via the TVPlayer service.
 *if you have HD, you'll see the HD version on this channel number; if not, you'll see the standard definition version. (For HD viewers, the SD version is available on Sky 211 and Freesat 148.)

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