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Extra UKTV channels on the BT YouView service

UKTV channels Eden, Good Food and Home have appeared on BT's YouView service.

The factual and lifestyle channels are available on channels 313, 314 and 315. Currently the channels are only visible on BT YouView boxes, and not the older black BT Vision boxes still in circulation.

BT TV viewers already had access to some of UKTV's channels, including Gold, Watch and Alibi via their internet connection, and Dave, Really, Yesterday and Drama via the Freeview signal.

Update 28/07/2015: BT TV subscribers who had access to the channels report they've lost access to the channels again, much to the annoyance of viewers who were enjoying Eden, Good Food and Home yesterday (Monday). a516digital has reception observers who are monitoring the situation. You can submit your reception reports via Twitter @a516digital or Reception reports are independently verified.

The extra UKTV channels are being added at no extra cost to subscribers. However, BT TV customers are currently being notified of separate changes to BT's prices from 20th September, which will see the cost of various elements of their phone, broadband and TV service changing. Line rental will increase to £17.99 a month. Thanks to BT's complex web of pricing and special deals, users are being directed to "My BT" for an individualised overview of the changes.

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  1. Not working for me on my BT Youview box.... @BTCare on twitter are apparently looking into it as this morning I had a BT Tower test card and now it says "coming soon" caption.

  2. A number of other customers say they've lost access to the channels since they appeared yesterday and I've updated the article above.


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