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Channel 5 confirms final details for Football League highlights show

Channel 5 has confirmed that Kelly Cates and George Riley will host the new Football League Tonight show, which will provide free-to-view highlights from the Football League.

Both presenters are familar voices on BBC Radio 5 Live and other broadcast outlets. Kelly Cates was also part of the Sky Sports News launch team and went on to report on the 2010 FIFA World Cup for ITV, the London 2012 Paralympics for Channel 4. George Riley has been a regular on BBC Breakfast and BBC Radio 5 Live.

About the show
Launching on Saturday 8th August at 9:00pm, Football League Tonight promises to bring every goal from all three divisions of the Sky Bet Football League.

Each show will feature extended coverage of that weekend’s best matches and will include every single goal from all three divisions. Players, managers and fans will also be encouraged to join us in the studio each week, or take part in the conversation via Skype and Facetime.

To be broadcast on weeks when there are no Championship games
Channel 5 says that Football League Tonight will continue in weeks where there is no Sky Bet Championship programme. It says the show will "provide a special focus on the very best games in Sky Bet League 1 and Sky Bet League 2."

Executive Producer for Channel 5, Mark Sharman, said:
“Kelly and George make an exciting new combination. They are strong editorially, really know their football and aren’t afraid to add humour to the mix. We think the Football League is a great product and we intend to capture the passion, devotion and sometimes the disappointment that comes with following a League team. In Sunset and Vine, we have the production company to achieve that.”
Barring any last minute surprises, the highlights will only be available in standard definition on free-to-air platforms; Channel 5 HD is currently locked away in a pay TV carriage deal.


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