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BBC opens iPlayer Radio app to 30 day mobile downloads

The BBC is opening up its iPlayer Radio app to allow 30 day downloads of BBC Radio programmes on smartphones and tablets.

The update to the app, rolling out this week, means fans can listen to BBC radio programmes anywhere, even when out of range of a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G signal; on the underground, planes, at the beach, or any location where internet access is beyond reach.

The move will also allow UK users to download BBC Radio shows to their devices before they head abroad, where they will be able to listen again for up to 30 days.

While the update comes just in time for this year's Proms season, starting Friday on BBC Radio 3, 30 day downloads will also be available on a wide range of content across the BBC's stations, including BBC Local Radio in England and BBC radio stations serving the Nations.

Andrew Scott, General Manager of Product, Radio & Music, BBC Digital, says:
“With over 860m requests for radio streams across all devices on BBC iPlayer Radio in 2014, we’re thrilled to bring offline listening to our audiences. We know this is something they’ve been asking for and we have been working hard to make it possible. Now they will have more choice than ever to listen to their favourite programmes, with all downloads available for 30 days and no need to worry about mobile data limits.”

Mark Friend, Controller of Radio & Music Multiplatform, BBC Radio, says:
“The spectacular success of the BBC’s podcasts, with around 70 million downloads in May, shows that people want to download high-quality audio to listen to at their convenience. Extending this to make almost all of the BBC’s radio programmes downloadable, including Comedy, Music and Drama, will delight our audience who have been asking for this. From The Proms and the Essential Mix to Just A Minute and Afternoon Drama, things won’t be the same again with your favourite BBC shows at your fingertips and easy to listen to on the move.”


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