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Sky offers no-contract monthly subscription to Sky Sports

Sky has announced it is offering monthly subscriptions for its sports channels without the need to subscribe to any other Sky TV package starting from this August.

Via the broadcaster's Now TV internet streaming service, viewers will be able to take up the new Sky Sports Month Pass for £31.99 a month. Unlike conventional Sky Sports subscriptions on other digital TV platforms, there's no need to take up a basic tier of pay TV subscription or a contract for telephone or broadband.

This means that it will be possible for Freeview households to just add Sky Sports for £31.99 via Now TV without having to pay for any other service. Sky Sports plus a monthly Entertainment Pass for access to channels such as Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Discovery, Disney Channel and ITV Encore will cost £38.98, based on current prices.

There are no contract periods for Now TV's services: subscribers are able to cancel at any time, with the service generally stopping when the next payment would have been due.

Day and Weekly Sky Sports Passes will continue to be available for those who just want Sky Sports for a short period of time. The Now TV offer includes all seven Sky Sports channels: Sky Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, F1 and Sky Sports News HQ.

To receive Now TV reliably, subscribers require a broadband internet connection of at least 2.5 Mbps and ideally have an unlimited broadband product, although subscribers are free to choose where to get their broadband from.

In line with the new offer, Now TV will be launching a new Now TV Box in August, which will retail at £14.99, although existing Now TV boxes alongside other streaming devices including Roku and Chromecasts will continue to work with the service. The new Now TV Box will include a ethernet port, so won't require a wi-fi connection to the internet.


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