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Rocks and Co goes hybrid on connected Freeview devices

Freeview channel Rocks & Co is now available as a hybrid channel, available for part of the day broadcast over the air and for part of the day delivered via broadband to connected Freeview HD devices.

The jewellery and gemstone shopping channel on Freeview and YouView channel 40 currently broadcasts in the normal manner between 1pm and 11pm every day. Now viewers with compatible devices will be able to watch Rocks & Co outside of these hours on channel 40, courtesy of Arqiva, which provides Rocks & Co as a connected TV channel via a user's internet connection.

Arqiva's Director of Connected Solutions, Tom Cape said:
“The launch of Rocks & Co represents our latest thinking in hybrid TV - combining the very best in broadcast and IP delivered content and services. Audiences will have a seamless experience where throughout different times of the day they won’t be able to tell if their channel is via DTT or over IP.”

YouView box owners will be able to access the new service on channel 40 from the end of this month.

You need to know...
  • Connected TV services are available on compatible connected Freeview HD devices (although in standard definition) and on devices bearing the Freeview Play logo. Freeview Play officially launches later this year.
  • A minimum broadband speed of 2Mbps is required and any usage of these services will count toward any monthly data cap you may have.
  • Other connected hybrid services on Freeview include QVC Beauty on channel 35, which is available outside of its Freeview broadcast hours using the same method. 4Music and RT have red button services connecting to additional channels on compatible devices. Channels 225-248 contain other connected TV services.
  • A full listing of Freeview's hybrid or streamed channels can be found here.


  1. Have you seen one of the hybrids cut over in either direction? If so, is it seamless or is there something that happens like a momentary black screen, pause in the video or a bit of buffering?

  2. I just wish they would make all the connected channels YouView compatible! QVC is a prime example that channel selection inside the service is possible on YV

  3. I think its about time Youview offered some of these free streamed channels to non-subscribers (BT / TalkTalk). All of the 4Music streams, RT Docs, etc


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