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Freeview Play receivers to be launched by Manhattan next year

Set-top box manufacturer Manhattan TV has been confirmed as the latest manufacturer that will launch a range of Freeview Play products early next year.

The UK-owned company will offer a standalone receiver (T3) and two digital recorders (T3-R), providing 500GB and 1TB hard drive options. All products will include Wi-fi connectivity as standard and be available through major electrical retailers, as well as supermarkets, in Q1 2016.

Prices have yet to be confirmed.

Freeview Play is the forthcoming new service that combines catch-up TV from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, on-demand services and live television. The service will be free from subscription and compatible with existing broadband services.

Digital UK is leading on the technical development of the new platform, which will see Freeview’s biggest ever marketing campaign.

Ilse Howling, Managing Director, Connected TV at Digital UK, said:
"It’s great that Manhattan will be bringing viewers another way to enjoy the benefits of Freeview Play on their existing TVs.  We continue to work closely with a range of manufacturers and broadcasters on this exciting new service, which will let consumers take that natural next step into the world of connected TV, free from subscription."

Guy North, Managing Director of Freeview, said:
"The availability of a Manhattan range of Freeview Play receivers, including a set-top box and two Freeview Play recorders, is excellent news and will give consumers even more choice of Freeview Play products to buy."

Abbas Arbab-Zadeh, Chairman and CEO of Manhattan TV, commented:
"We are delighted to confirm the development of our Freeview Play products.  We strongly believe the combination of on-demand services and live programming will put the viewer in full control of their TV.  We plan to launch a receiver and two recorders at competitive price points, and all with Wi-Fi built in.  These devices will put Manhattan TV at the cutting edge of the UK television industry."

Manhattan TV joins Freeview Play launch partners Panasonic, which has already launched a range of TVs designed to support the new service, and Humax, which will offer digital recorders. Multi-brand manufacturer Vestel will follow with a range of Freeview Play products.


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