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BT Sport: Prices announced for 2015-16 season

BT is giving away its new European football channel BT Sport Europe to viewers with BT Broadband and BT TV.

The new channel, which will become the home of Champions League and Europa League football for at least the next three years, launches on 1st August, but can already be found on Sky's and BT TV's channel listing. (Sky 414*/433*, BT 409/431)

New and existing BT Broadband customers without BT TV can get the BT Sport Pack for £5 a month and watch via their satellite service or via the BT Sport App.

Customers who do not want to have the BT Sport Pack can opt to have BT Sport Lite, which will remain free with BT Broadband, and they’ll still be able to enjoy exclusively live Barclays Premier League football, the Scottish Professional Football League and Aviva Premiership rugby union. However, most BT Sport customers will be given access to European content via their existing BT Sport Pack

Viewers will need to pay £4 a month for access to the HD versions of the BT Sport channels.

A selection of Champions League matches will be offered for free on Freeview via BT Sport Showcase.

*BT Sports Europe appeared this morning on Sky channels 457/458 (HD), but was reshuffled during the day. The above reference was changed to reflect this.

BT TV (YouView)
BT Sport Pack (BT Sport 1, 2, Europe and BT Sport ESPN)
For BT Broadband subscribers
+£5/ month**
BT Sport Lite (just BT Sport 1)
For BT Broadband subscribers
BT Sport 1,2, Europe and BT Sport ESPN
Sky viewers without BT Broadband.
UPDATE: £19.99 a month - one box, add £5 for second box.
Watch in HD
Add £4 / month
Add £4 / month
*Not applicable because you have to be a BT Broadband subscriber to get BT TV.
** price also applies to BT Broadband users who want to watch via the App.
Full pricing details for other TV platforms that carry BT Sport to be confirmed.

 Further information is available via the BT Sport website.

Additionally, BT TV viewers can register their interest in the BT Sport Ultra HD channel, which will become available via a new 4k/UHD YouView box and be delivered via superfast broadband. More details...


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