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AM radio off for the day in parts of Northern England

A number of AM radio stations are off-air or on reduced power in northern England today, as essential maintenance work is carried out at the Moorside Edge transmitter site.

BBC Radio 5 Live on 909 kHz, TalkSPORT on 1089 kHz and Absolute Radio on 1215 kHz across northern England are affected.

According to the BBC, work is expected to be completed by 7pm.

The Moorside Edge transmitter site, close to Huddersfield, is home to one of the most powerful Medium Wave transmitters in the UK, its signals can be received from the Midlands up to the Scottish Borders and across from the Irish Sea to the North Sea.

While reception in some areas from other transmitters is possible, listeners are being advised that they can continue listening via digital radio services -: DAB, online or via digital TV platforms.

Update: On 04/06/2015, the BBC announced that work on the Moorside Edge transmitter was ongoing for a second day.


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