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Third version of STV Player launched

STV has launched its latest version of STV Player, the online TV service from the Scottish broadcaster, promising that version 3 will offer a "faster, more robust and flexible service" for STV viewers.

The STV Player allows viewers in central and northern Scotland to watch STV's Channel 3 programmes (including ITV shows) live or on-demand for up to 30 days. Viewers from across the UK can watch live and on-demand content from STV's City TV channels STV Glasgow and STV Edinburgh.

Bobby Hain, STV’s director of channels, explained the thinking behind the changes:
“We want viewers to watch the STV content they choose free of charge, anytime, anywhere and this updated version of the STV Player offers an enhanced experience for our consumers to do this. 
“The launch of version 3 also reinforces STV’s commitment to investing in content on multi-platforms and the new STV Player has been through robust user experience testing with consumers to ensure it provides the experience our viewers are looking for.  
“The updates to the STV Player ensure it is consumer focused with easily accessible content and integrated live streaming of STV and STV’s city channels.” 

STV famously struggled with online demand on the older version of STV Player last year during a live stream of a Scottish Referendum debate, leaving many frustrated viewers south of the border, where the debate was not being shown live on regular broadcast TV.

The new version of the STV Player is initially only available via the STV website, with updates to apps for iOS, Android and Kindle coming soon. Additional platform roll-outs are scheduled for September.


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