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Solent, Aberdeen and Maidstone areas latest to get extra Freeview HD channels.

Digital UK has confirmed a further roll-out of new Freeview multiplex COM8, which offers householders with Freeview HD and YouView equipment access to potential new channels in HD and SD.

COM8 is a bundle of channels available to at least 70% of the population using newer broadcast technology that older standard definition Freeview equipment can't handle. The multiplex is being rolled out as part of a network upgrade by commercial broadcast services company Arqiva.

Viewers in and around the Solent, Aberdeen and Maidstone areas will be able to tune-in from the afternoon of Thursday 21st May when COM8 goes live from the local main Freeview transmitters, although the multiplex currently only carries two channels - QVC+1 HD and QVC Beauty HD (Freeview channels 111/112).

As a rule of thumb, if you are able to receive BBC Four HD on channel 106, which is broadcast on multiplex COM7, you should be able to receive QVC+1 HD, QVC Beauty HD and any other services that COM8 will carry following a retune.

It will become available in other areas during the course of the next few months. Read more about the roll-out here, including frequencies for manual tuning....

COM8 first launched in locations including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow in April before gradually being rolled out in further locations earlier this month.

Viewers can check which Freeview channels (both SD and HD) are available in their area using the official coverage checker at

Freeview retuning advice page (external link)


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