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Plusnet YouView TV details announced

Details of Plusnet's long-awaited new YouView-based TV service have been released.

Plusnet customers with its Unlimited Fibre broadband products are able to sign-up for the service, which combines Freeview HD with additional live and on-demand content via the internet, but it will be subject to an 18 month contract.

It's offering customers a choice of two boxes - the plain YouView box for live and on-demand TV viewing or a YouView+ box, which will record up to 150 hours of HD, or 300 hours of the SD Freeview and Entertainment channels.

The ISP is offering access to YouView, plus a mix of Entertainment channels as standard, for £5 a month, currently regardless of the type of YouView box selected.

Available channels in the Entertainment pack are:
  • Animal Planet
  • CI
  • Comedy Central
  • Discovery
  • E!
  • British Eurosport
  • British Eurosport 2
  • FOX
  • History
  • ID
  • MTV
  • Sony Entertainment Television
  • Syfy
  • TLC
  • Universal Channel

Children's channels will cost an extra £3 a month as will the option to upgrade to HD channels. Additional costs, outlined on the Plusnet website will apply.

Viewers will also be able to access Netflix via the service, but as a separate entity to their Plusnet TV account. BT Sport is a notable omission from the launch line-up; Plusnet currently offers access to BT Sport for its customers who have Sky.

Existing Plusnet customers who already have Unlimited Fibre can call 0800 0113 217 for more information. Eligible customers will find further details on the Plusnet Member Centre via the Plusnet website.

Channels available through a YouView box (Freeview channels subject to local coverage)



  1. It's a bit off charging extra for the kids channels, especially as they'll be pushing themselves as the budget option I'm sure.

  2. I think its a bit off offering a box that doesn't pause or record. Its 2015! This should be standard on ALL TV's and set-top boxes!

    1. I understand the basic YouView box cause pause live TV, but it doesn't have the full recording facility. Surprising that there wasn't a press release from Plusnet, with more info.
      Interested Plusnet customers can in the meantime dig around the Plusnet website for various bits of information about the equipment, costs and other terms.


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