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Placeholder for Manchester local TV appears on Freeview

Freeview users in Greater Manchester can now add the new forthcoming local TV channel to their channel line-up.

A placeholder for yet-to-launch That's Manchester is now available on Freeview channel 8, and is broadcast on the same frequency as QVC Extra (channel 57) and POP (channel 125), so that Manchester viewers able to receive these channels will also be able to watch That's Manchester, although a retune may be required.

YouView users in the area can also receive the service on channel 8.

The local TV service is broadcast from the Winter Hill transmitter (manual tuning: UHF channel 56) alongside other Freeview channels, however the Manchester local TV signal is restricted, so that viewers in other parts of the North West will not be able to receive the new service. Viewers in the direction of Liverpool will see Bay TV on the same channel and frequency.

Very little is publicly known about Manchester's new local TV service, about what will be shown on the channel and whether viewers will be able to access it on other digital TV platforms any time soon.

The licence for the channel was awarded to Your TV Manchester. But That's TV, who run local TV services in the Solent and Oxford areas, took over the running of the service earlier this year. A soft-launch is expected imminently, with a full schedule being rolled-out later in the year. A website for the channel simply states it's "coming soon".

Manchester was home to local TV service Channel M. It failed to make the transition to digital TV when analogue TV services ceased in the North West in late 2009. It briefly reappeared via Freeview in 2011 before closing down for good in April 2012.

UPDATE: That's Manchester launched on 31/05/2015 at 9pm in a very low-key launch, compared to other local TV stations.

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