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One in 16 adults around the world uses BBC News

One in 16 adults around the world uses BBC News, according to new research published today.

The BBC Global Audience Measure (GAM) data has revealed that the BBC’s weekly global news audience, which is measured each year, has increased by 18 million people, or 7 per cent since last year, to a record-breaking 283 million.

For the first time, television (148m) overtook radio (133m) as the most popular platform for BBC international news. The BBC says its the first time since the BBC tracked audiences for all three platforms (radio, TV and online, in English and 28 other languages), that they’ve all grown in the same year. 55 million access BBC News online, according to the stats.

The figures include Facebook and YouTube reach for the first time, measuring "engaged reach" on Facebook - counting people who "interact" with BBC News.

The BBC World Service’s audience has increased by 10 per cent in its first year of licence fee funding and now stands at 210m, with the biggest boost coming from new World Service TV news bulletins in languages other than English.

The biggest growth for a single service comes for BBC World Service English, which has its highest-ever weekly reach with an audience of 52m, an increase of more than 25 per cent. The countries where the audience increases for World Service English have been highest are Nigeria, USA, Pakistan and Tanzania.

Meanwhile, commercially funded news services have also seen increases. BBC Global News Ltd’s audience has grown to 105 million due to a 12% increase in the audience of its flagship commercial TV news channel BBC World News. The international version of the BBC news website,, grew by 16%

Adding in the BBC's commercial entertainment channels, including services such as BBC America and BBC First, the BBC reports a total weekly global audience of 308 million people.

About the figures
The BBC says the date shows combined figures, meaning if someone watches both BBC Worldwide content and BBC News, they are only counted once in the total figure. This year’s figures have also been adjusted downwards to avoid double counting people who use multiple devices, eg both a tablet and a smartphone.


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