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Notts TV announces July Sky launch

Notts TV, the local TV channel for the Nottingham area, has confirmed it's widening its reach from July with the channel going on satellite.

The channel will become available for Sky TV users in the region from 20th July, when it will launch on channel 117.

The news first broke this morning following the launch of a marketing campaign in the City publicising the launch on Sky, featuring the station's icon, the Blue Duck and pictured by a516digital reader David Lindsay Dobson. Notts TV then confirmed the news later in the afternoon on social media.

Notts TV, which launched almost a year ago on 27th May 2014, already broadcasts on Freeview channel 8 and Virgin Media channel 159.

But Freeview coverage is limited due to local terrain and limited terrestrial coverage to avoid co-channel interference to other Freeview services in the Midlands; the restricted transmission area has resulted in Freeview users in Spalding receiving Notts TV more easily than in some parts of Nottingham itself.

Due to the way Sky's service is regionalised, Notts TV will appear on channel 117 across a much wider area of the East Midlands than its Freeview signal.

Channel 117 is used for local TV services in other parts of England and Scotland, with services for Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, London and Newcastle occupying the channel number in their respective areas, although viewers outside of these areas are able to manually tune in the channel via Sky's Other Channels menu.


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