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Nine out of ten happy with Freeview 4G interference support

In the last 12 months, nine out of 10 viewers who have taken up support from 4G interference mitigation company at800 have rated the support received from them as ‘excellent’.

The news comes two years after the launch of the programme that sees at800 looking after viewers who encounter Freeview interference as a result of new 4G mobile signals in the former 800MHz TV frequency band.

In the event of 4G interference where viewers are reliant on Freeview for their TV reception, at800 is responsible for resolving any disruption caused. It says that the most common causes of poor Freeview reception are "unnecessary or faulty television signal amplifiers" - sometimes due to "system damage, such as water ingress to amplifiers attached to rooftop aerials, but also amplifiers that are often being used when they are not required."

at800 reports that it has made over 15,000 engineer visits to individual households in the past two years, finding in less than half the households visited, 4G at 800 MHz could have been contributing to interference.

at800’s chief executive officer, Ben Roome, said,
“We’ve consistently beaten the performance requirements agreed with our Oversight Board and Ofcom.  We’ve also made a number of changes over the last two years to improve our support. We ensure viewers who rely on Freeview for TV can do so as 4G at 800 MHz expands across the UK.”
 “We never forget that Freeview continues to be the most used media platform in the UK –ahead of satellite cable and online for TV as well as other types of media such as print and radio. It is a huge part of daily life in 19 million households across the country, with 11 million households relying on it for their TV. We focus on resolving problems as quickly as possible and know from our survey results that customer satisfaction is high.”

at800 says it "evolves continuously by reviewing and adjusting its approach. The company’s goal is to provide the best support by drawing on the technical expertise and experience accrued by its engineers and auditors from household visits, and at its contact centre providing support and initial diagnosis."

It will continue to support DTT platform viewers as the 4G rollout continues across the UK.

Earlier this year, mobile network Three said it would be rolling out its 4G services in the 800 MHz frequency band, previously used by TV services. It will become the last mobile operator to roll-out 4G in this frequency band. Its frequency allocation is the closest to existing Freeview channels.

For more information about at800, how it can help you, and more about causes of Freeview interference, visit

Key stats: at800
  • Since its launch, at800 has issued 1,010,487 free 4G filters to non-communal households
  • Over 2,000 communal aerial system filters have been supplied to residential blocks containing multiple households (i.e. apartment blocks)
  • 14,858,933 postcards have been sent to properties at risk of experiencing Freeview disruption as a result of 4G masts going live in their area
  • 221,601 calls have made to at800 contact centre
  • 5,502 enquiries have been managed through social media


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