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More fibre and TV connections for BT

Telecoms giant BT has announced their best ever quarter for superfast fibre broadband connections as part of the company's latest financial results for the year ending 31 March. Meanwhile, an extra 52,000 have taken up BT's YouView based TV service.

BT says 39% of their broadband customers are now on fibre. BT added 121,000 retail broadband customers, representing 49% of the UK DSL and fibre broadband market net additions in the quarter. However BT reported consumer line losses of 61,000, which BT says is "broadly in line with the third quarter. "

52,000 extra TV customers took BT's TV customer base to 1.14 million. BT is now only selling access to its newer YouView based platform, phasing out its original BT TV platform.

Additionally, several million customers have access to the BT Sport channels via the web, through the Sky digital satellite platform and via Virgin Media, increasing reach to just over 5.2 million households.

Commenting on the results, Gavin Patterson, Chief Executive of BT said:
“Our superfast broadband network now passes more than three-quarters of the UK and we’ve announced plans to upgrade to ultrafast. This will be another multi-year investment by Openreach and is the right thing for both BT and the UK, providing even faster speeds in an already competitive market. We delivered our best ever performance for fibre connections in the fourth quarter with Openreach adding almost half a million premises to our network. Our retail business delivered a record-breaking 266,000 of these connections. 
“Shareholders approved our proposed £12.5 billion acquisition of EE last week. While we await regulatory approval, we have pushed ahead with our own mobility plans, launching our great value BT Mobile consumer service in March.  
“Our BT Sport TV channels are now in more than 5.2 million homes, with the customer base growing again in the quarter. We’re pleased to have secured FA Premier League football rights for a further three years, and an extension with Aviva Premiership Rugby for four more years. With exclusive live football from the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, we’ll be showing even more top sporting action from this summer."

Earlier this week, a516digital reported that BT had secured additional broadcasting licences from Ofcom, paving the way for BT to offer up to 7 extra channels and a UHD/4K channel.


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